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Links to other free software for analyzing data from epilepsy surgery candidates

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Below are some additional software packages that have been developed specifically to deal with data acquired from patients being evaluated for epilepsy surgery. If you know of any others that should be included, please let us know via the mailing list.


iEEG Visualization/Analysis 

  • AnyWave: A cross-platform and modular software for visualizing and processing electrophysiological signals (published here)
  • BioImage Suite: Stand-alone software for electrode localization and visualization
  • BrainMapper: Stand-alone app for electrode localization/visualization with brain shift correction
  • Brain Function Mapping: Windows software for electrode localization and visualization (published here)
  • Brainstorm: MATLAB-based intracranial electrode visualization and source localization. Stand-alone versions of the software are available if you don't have access to MATLAB.
  • BrainViz: Browser based visualization
  • eConnectome: MATLAB functional connectivity toolbox (published here)
  • Electrode Registration App: Python-based GUI for subdural electrode localization (published here)
  • EpiTools: A software suite for presurgical brain mapping in epilepsy: Intracerebral EEG (published here)
  • FieldTrip: A powerful MATLAB toolbox for EEG/MEG analysis with broad functionality
  • iEEGView: MATLAB toolbox for localizing and visualizing iEEG electrodes
  • iElectrodes: MATLAB toolbox for electrode localization and visualization (published here)
  • IELU: Intracranial Electrode Localization Utility, a Python toolbox for intracranial electrode localization
  • img_pipe: High density ECoG localization and inter-subject warping (published here)
  • IntrAnat: BrainVisa-plugin for SEEG electrode localization/visualization
  • Lead DBS: MATLAB software for DBS reconstructions and simulations
  • MIA: MATLAB toolbox for analyzing intracranial EEG signals over multiple patients.
  • moviEEG: MATLAB functional connectivity toolbox
  • MMVT: Multi-modal visualization toolbox (works on any major OS)
  • NeuralAct: MATLAB toolbox for visualizing subdural electrode data (includes spatial smoothing and inter-individual averaging)
  • Ntools: MATLAB toolbox that implements the Yang, Wang et al. method for brainshift correction included in iELVis
  • Python ECoG Visualization: Name says it all
  • RAVE: R-based toolbox with GUIs for single subject and group iEEG analysis and visualization
  • SEEG Assistant: 3DSlicer extension for stereotactic EEG localization/analysis (published here)
  • STAPLE: Stand-alone toolbox for electrode localization, works on all major OS (published here)



  • Mindboggle: for brain morphometry
  • HOROS: Dicom viewer for Mac based on the old open-source version of Osirix




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